Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fallen Americans: Our Irrelevant Majority

Richard Nixon made his presidential appeal to a "Silent Majority;" a majority that he believed had the ability to change the course of America if they would only speak up. Today, we have the same situation, and it is more important than ever.

However, if the past is any indication of whether this new Silent Majority will take a stand, then hopes are dismal at best. This new silent Majority is more than just silent - it has become Irrelevant. Think about it: when did we speak up when prayer was taken out of school and God was removed from almost everything having to do with government? When did we speak up when the Supreme Court ruled that an unborn child does not have the right to life? When do we ever speak up, except to complain and then do nothing?
The other side isn't afraid of us. They take it for granted (and rightly so) that this new Silent Majority will only make a few complaints, and then eventually quiet down and disperse. We certainly are the Irrelevant Majority.

...It's time to make a change. We cannot afford to be silent again. No longer can we watch as the principles and statutes instituted by God are set by the wayside and ceremonially executed by a culture that is hostile to everything we believe in. It is time to make a stand. We cannot go quietly. We have lost so much ground already, and the only thing we can blame are the faces we see in the mirror.

We are the last hope for America, and unless we speak up now and take a stand, we may never recover. It is our duty to stand for what is right. It is our duty to speak up, and no longer be an Irrelevant Majority.


Let's take our stand now - before it's too late.

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