Monday, May 17, 2010

Enter the world of MiThoughts (AKA: MY thoughts)

Welcome to MiThoughts, a new blog where I talk about my perspective of the world, and basically everything in it. This obviously won't be anything fancy, but I PROMISE that it will be fun. We will make light of the troubles of this world, and get to the truth behind the truth, no matter where it leads us.

This is not some right-wing-rabid-radical (isn't that just the coolest name) plot to take over the world, its just a place where I will discuss what is happening in the world. And we won't always talk about politics either. There may be more than a few times in which you will disagree with me. That is great! If everyone agreed with me I would have a really boring life.

I'm no expert either! I'm just a lowly, everyday American college student who has an opinion, and wants to voice it…and since I am BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT, it is very likely that I will make a great number of mistakes - my apologies. But as the motto by which I live by states: "If at first you don't succeed, congratulations! And welcome to reality."

The first thing I'm going to comment on for this opening post is (you guessed it) Universal Healthcare (which I will hereafter call UHC). First of all, WHAT A STUPID NAME! I mean, how in the world are you going to give all the people in the universe (including those cute little green men) health care?

All kidding aside though, I do think UHC has some problems.

The first problem is that it isn't free, despite what many think. Naturally, someone has to pay for it. Duh! That's why we have taxes right? Make the rich pay for it, right? A deeper look shows that no matter who pays for it, we ALL pay for it.

Take the rich for example. They got to the point where they are because they are financially smarter than the rest of us. They know how to make money, they have made the money, and they want to keep that money…which would make since (unless you were a full fledged Marxist who hates all income inequality as much as you hate the people who have more than someone else…but we won't talk about that, because most of you talk about "fairness," which is another story altogether so I will digress…).

The fact is that they really do want to keep their money, who doesn't? So if they have to foot the bill for healthcare, they are going to put the burden back on you by raising prices or whatever other method. We still pay, like it or not. That's just common sense

Now before I go any further, let me make something very clear for those who want to make a straw man right now: I am not against all the people who can't afford to pay their healthcare bills, neither do I hate children or the elderly. On the contrary, I have great compassion for them.

My second problem with the whole healthcare deal is that it's not the best way to fix our healthcare problem. I'm not saying that the democrats are all stupid and that only the republicans are smart (I think both parties have equally betrayed America), I just think they are going about this all the wrong way.

Why do we want the government in charge? Do we really want Uncle Sam to be "Doctor Sam?" I don't know about you, but having a bunch of people in Washington (who really don't care that I exist) running the healthcare system is a bit scary.

Now I wouldn't mind half as much if we let the STATES decide what they wanted to do. That would give those states who DO want a form of UHC to be able to have it, and the states who DON'T want it could come up with their own solution…and everyone would be happy and get what they want. This brings me to my final thought on this…

Not only do I think it's not the best way to fix the problem with our healthcare system, it's also not the only solution. I just think that everyone rushed into this too fast, and really didn't take enough time to consider all the options.

I know this is president Obama's brainchild, and that everyone wanted to help him accomplish his dream, but maybe we acted too fast—that's all I'm saying. Even Benjamin Franklin knew that "haste makes waste," and I am concerned that we may have wasted a good opportunity to really solve the problem.

But those are just MiThoughts on this issue. Notice I didn't get into the argument of whether it was communism or not…That's because EVERYONE ELSE does! And as you will find out if you continue to follow this blog, I am not like everyone else! We don't repeat everyone else's thoughts, we think for ourselves using COMMON SENSE.

Rock on, America!